One of the Best Kept Secrets
to Produce
Accelerated Business Growth
to… Create a Team That Works  
Together toward a Common Vision!

Are you the leader of your company and
it’s not growing or generating sufficient profit?

Or are you frustrated that your management team
and/or employees don’t seem to get along?

Or are you living day-to-day with no real clarity
about where you’re heading or how to get there?

Enlightened Business Growth provides a proven, step-by-step process that produces dramatic breakthroughs in both company sales growth and profitability by aligning your entire team on the same vision and goals for your company’s future.

Founder Scott Hunter has been supporting company presidents, owners and CEOs in diverse companies for over 3 decades. Scott helps organizations create clarity and a clear vision for sales expansion, strategic growth and increased profitability.

Enlightened Business Growth provides an approach that includes:

  • A new team philosophy that becomes the basis of creating a whole new world of possibility to be used in inventing the future of your company
  • Personalized training for key personnel in the Enlightened Business Growth philosophy
  • A defined vision, purpose, culture and strategic objectives
  • Alignment of everyone in your organization on the vision and objectives, beginning with the management team
  • The design and implementation of an organizational structure to take your company successfully into the future
  • Clarity of all roles and responsibilities of your team members
  • The identification of any and all personal issues and problems with your team and their resolution in a mutually agreeable and synergistic way
  • Creating a truly extraordinary and outrageously successful and profitable company


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