Creating Extraordinary Organizations

More than 50% of Americans hate their jobs!

This is costing your organization a FORTUNE!

There is a solution.

After 17 years of working in and analyzing organizations of every type and size, I have noticed a common theme among the successful ones; namely, they consist of a group of enthusiastic, confident, positive people who work together on behalf of a future they have all committed themselves to.

Here lies the problem. In most organizations, the above observation of what a “successful organization” is, simply does not exist – which is the main reason why so many people hate their jobs!

So, why haven’t we been able to solve this dilemma? Certainly not because people enjoy resignation, negativity, and fear? Do people want to be part of a team? Of course! Would they like to feel appreciated and respected? Most assuredly!

But the reality is that we live in a culture that is not set up to have truly successful organizations. Companies are so concerned with their bottom lines, they neglect to nurture the people and relationships that create those lines. Which is why, in spite of hundreds of books on organizational effectiveness, most people still struggle to make work work.

Only six percent of Americans say that they love their jobs. More than $300 billion, or $7500 per employee, is spent annually in the United States on stress-related compensation claims. Job burnout experienced by 25% to 40% of U.S.workers is the leading occupational disease and responsible for more days lost from work than any other single factor.

Clearly, work ISN’T working for the majority of Americans…more insight on the solution to this serious problem to be posted soon.

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