The "Conversation"

Throughout the day, from the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep, something remarkable takes place. When you’re showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast, driving to work, sitting at your desk, participating in a meeting, eating lunch, driving home, cooking dinner, preparing for bed – in other words, all the time – there’s a conversation going on. You know the one. It’s part of the internal dialog that just asked you, “What conversation is he talking about?” It’s the conversation you wake up with in the morning, that’s with you all day, and sometimes keeps you up at night.

How do you relate to that conversation? What do you call it? Typical answers I get from audiences are: thinking, having thoughts, self-talk, my mother, the committee, radio Hanoi, the gremlin, and others. What you label the conversation doesn’t matter. What matters is that you notice the conversation and realize it’s there all the time. And while sometimes you are in control of the conversation, more often you are not.

For example, aren’t there times when you are driving in your car, sitting at your desk, flying across country, etc., and you find yourself in the middle of a conversation and you have no idea why? And aren’t there times when something is “on your mind” and you wish whatever it is would just go away and leave you alone but it won’t?

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay much, if any, attention to that conversation. “Why should we?” they ask. “It’s just self-talk or thinking.” No…it’s much more than that.

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