Morning Ritual

I notice from speaking to most people that they just jump out of bed and start there day without first “centering” themselves and preparing themselves emotionally for the day. This is not a great idea. I recommend that you take at least 15 minutes in the morning to do what I am suggesting. Any positive ritual can work. Here’s something to get you started:

What would my attitude be, how would I be feeling, and what would I be doing if I knew that:

· This is going to be my best year so far,

· Each year, from now on, will get even better and better,

· Everything I’ve ever wanted is on it’s way to me right now, AND

· Not only is the arrival of all I desire imminent, but it’s coming in a way far better than I’ve even imagined,

· There is never a need to suffer, settle, sacrifice or compromise,

· Loss is never required, and

· It’s God’s wish that I have it all!

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