The leaders role in an organization

This was sent to me by one of my clients in response to an article I wrote. It’s too good not to share:

I wonder how much money is spent each year trying to teach corporate leaders to be more proactive, responsive, understanding and, most importantly, candid when it comes to their role
leading an organization to sustainable growth, prosperity and organizational success.

Unfortunately, it appears executives in senior positions of leadership, influence and governance just can’t seem to make the connection and I just can’t understand why until now. It appears there is no real downside to being crass, unimaginative, caring or candid. Whether you are good, bad or indifferent does not really matter as long as you prosper in the short term, negotiate a meaty employment package and golden parachute along the way.

Only when creativity, passion, caring and trust are rewarded will the real paradigm shift take place. After all, why change unless there is a pressing need to do so!

All I can add is “amen”

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