More Ways the Ego Keeps You Unhappy

Let’s take a look at the nature of satisfaction and happiness. If I were to ask you if, overall, you were satisfied and happy about your life and your company, where would you look to answer that question? Having asked that question to thousands of people, I’d be willing to bet that what you would do is to compare how your life/company is to how you would like your life/company to be to come up with an answer.

And if I asked you to give yourself a score, on a scale of 1 to 10, for your level of satisfaction and happiness, I’d be willing to bet that your score would not be a 10. Why? Because how it is is never how we would like it to be. As we get closer to having how it is be how we would like it to be, we just keep adding more “stuff” to our list of how we would like it to be.

The consequence is that we never experience our life/company being a 10; we never experience true satisfaction and happiness, which is exactly what the ego wants.

The bottom line is that the ego will ALWAYS tell you that your satisfaction and happiness lies outside of you and is a function of the circumstances of life. We literally think that one day we will be totally satisfied and happy because life will finally turn out and we’ll have everything exactly the way we want. Get the cruelty of that joke! It never happens and will never happen.

The “truth” of the matter is that at any moment, regardless of the circumstances, you can choose to be happy and satisfied, to appreciate and feel grateful for what you already have, and to stop waiting for life to turn out better. Because you know what? Your life has already turned out. This is what it looks like when it turns out. This. Right now. It all lives in your thinking and your conversation.

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