The Meaning of the Word Surrender

In last week’s blog post, I used what I would assume is a controversial word: namely “surrender.” What I said was: if you want to have a joyous experience of life and business, let go of needing to control everything, it doesn’t work anyway and you know it, and just learn to surrender, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride on the river. In the final analysis, it’s always better to go in the direction of the flow rather than trying to steer your boat yourself.

Most people don’t like or at least misunderstand the word surrender so I want to explain what I mean. In the common usage of the word, surrender is thought to mean: give up. And indeed it does mean that. But what it doesn’t mean is to give up what you want. It doesn’t mean give up your hopes and dreams, your goals, your objectives, or your wants and desires. And that’s what most people understand when they hear the word surrender.

What I’m asking you to do is to give up thinking that it’s up to you to figure out HOW your hopes and dreams, your goals and objectives, and your wants and desires will become a reality. You can’t figure it out, really. You’re not smart enough.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re not smart. You’re plenty smart. Just not smart enough. We live in a universe of infinite intelligence. You can choose to believe that or not but it is the truth. Are you really willing to compare your intelligence to infinite intelligence?

Trying to control your circumstances is like getting into the ring with Mohammed Ali, with both hands tied behind your back, when he was in his prime. That would be incredibly stupid. Yet, that’s exactly what we do when we try to control our destiny.

And the consequence of that is we feel frustrated, inept, discouraged and even impotent. The saddest thing of all is that when we experience those feelings, we react by becoming even more determined to figure things out, and the cycle of frustration continues.

The answer is so simple, really. Be clear about what you want, get into action, move your feet, and let the river take you where you want to go. That is the meaning of “surrender.” Let go of control and enjoy the ride. You’ll be so amazed at how easy and satisfying life and business becomes.

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