Enjoy a stress free holiday season

Now that December is here and the “holiday season” is upon us, I offer the following thoughts so you can make it safely and healthily to the new year.

First, do you know why this has become the “flu season?” We have an immune system that is designed to protect us and keep us healthy and as long as we take care of that system, it will do just that. But the number one factor that compromises our immune system is stress. Number two is diet and life style. So what happens at this time of year is that all of the pressures of the season cause us lots of stress and, to make matters worse, we eat too much of too many unhealthy things. While I’m not going to lecture you on the later issue, here’s what you can do to minimize the stress.

First, you have to understand what stress is and where it comes from. Like most things in life as we see it, the answer is simple. All stress, 100% of it, comes from resisting what is. What does that mean? We all seem to have a picture of how everything and everyone should be. If you look, I’m sure you’ll see how true this is. Then, we compare how it is and how people are to this picture and invariably they don’t match. If we just noticed that and let it go, there would be no stress. But we don’t. We either try to figure out how to get how it is to be how we want it to be or we suffer because we can’t. That’s what I mean by resisting what is.

The solution is simple, not so easy. If you want to have a stress free holiday season, just allow things and people to be exactly the way it and they are. Let go of your pictures, things are the way they are. Nobody told you when you arrived that you would get to have everything be the way you want it to be. Stop complaining that life isn’t fair. It isn’t and was never intended to be.

Instead of trying to figure out how to get them and it to be the way you want them and it to be, which all goes on in your head, stay in your heart and focus on what you appreciate about everything and everybody. While nothing is perfect, there are always things about everything and everybody that is wonderful and worthy of your appreciation. Now more than ever, learn to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Focusing on what you have to be grateful for is the perfect antidote to stress. And if you do that, you might just eat in a healthy way and continue to exercise because you won’t have to try and pacify yourself to deal with the stress.

Happy Holidays.

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