Why not have it be simple?

How are you doing with what I wrote two weeks ago? I hope it made a difference. But here’s the most remarkable reality of life. So many of us are just not willing to see how simple business, and life in general, could be and how simple it could be to have what you want.

Every time I write something like I did two weeks ago, there’s a flood of people who unsubscribe themselves from our newsletter. And that’s exactly what happened two weeks ago. It makes me sad. Life is not supposed to be a painful experience. It’s actually meant to be joyful. As I’m fond of saying, suffering is optional.

But then there’s your ego, public enemy number one. It wants you to believe that it’s your job to “make it happen.” Companies spend an enormous amount of time doing “strategic planning,” analyzing the competition, trying to figure out the best strategies to approach the marketplace, and developing tactics to put the strategies into action. And it’s such a waste of time.

Years ago, I worked with a company that with our coaching grew from $3 million in sales to $10 million. At that point, the president told me he wanted to be a $25 million company. I told him to go home and reinvent his company as a $25 million company. Look to see what it would look like if it was that size.

Then we drew an organizational structure to support sales of $25 million. When that was finished, I told him to start acting like the president of the $25 million company. I further told him to not think of his company as it is, but to think of it as it would then be, to start putting in place all the pieces he would need to have to do $25 million in sales. Three years later, the company was doing $25 million.

At a lunch to celebrate, he thanked me and said he had already begun the process of reinventing his company as a $50 million company. When he hit that number, he did it again as a $75 million company and then again as a $100 million company. He has taken this little company from $3 million in sales to over $100 million in sales simply by getting out in front, focusing on how he would have it be, and allowing the universe to lead him into the future.

He focused on how he would have it be rather than how it was. He trusted it would work out. He generated fun and enthusiasm every day. He built a team of people that shared his vision. And they had fun working together watching it all unfold.

It really can be pretty simple. If you’d like some coaching to make this happen, let us know. If you’re into struggling and suffering, this may just be time for you to unsubscribe.

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