If you want to be happy, here's the answer

In my last blog post, I pointed to the fact that there are two very different conversations going on within us all the time. The first is the conversation of the ego. It is the voice of fear, worry, problems, concerns, unhappiness and more. The second is the conversation of your higher consciousness. It is the voice of hope, faith, trust, peace, possibility and more.


The ego will do whatever it can to have you not live in the only place where you can really be effective in producing results: right here and right now. The past is over, just memories remain. The future is pure speculation. Where you want to focus all of your energy is right here and right now.


Here are some of the favorite conversations the ego uses to sabotage you:


“When …, then …” In other words, we think we’ll be happy and fulfilled some time in the future when something we want to have happen will happen (even though we have no idea whether it will or it won’t).


“If only …” Same story. We think we would surely be happy and fulfilled if only something that’s happening would stop happening or something that’s not happening would just start happening.


Both of these conversations of the ego keep you focused on the future and not present to what’s happening at the moment.


If you want to be happy, and we surely recommend it, start notice where your attention is. Do you have any “when – then’s” or “if only’s?” See if you can spend an entire week just focusing on what’s happening right now. If you can, see if you can further focus on what you have to be grateful for at this time in your life. There’s probably an awful lot, if you can only focus on it.



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