Building Businesses Based on Faith and Trust

The subtitle of my latest book is: Building Businesses Based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance. I could write a book on each of those terms since they are certainly intriguing words. Why? Because not many businesses are built on that kind of foundation. Which is probably why 90% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years.

Let’s look at the words faith and trust. In the context of business, what does it mean to have faith? It means that if you are clear about your vision, stand boldly in it, and take action consistent with the vision becoming a reality, your action is with a knowingness that your vision will become a reality.

And then when you add the word “trust” to your faith, it means that you don’t question what you are having faith in. It means that you make the investments that you need to make, hire the people you need to hire, and take reasonable and occasionally unreasonable risks, because in your heart, you know you will be rewarded.

Are people doing that today? Hardly. Most companies seem paralyzed and unwilling to hire and invest because they have no faith in their future and don’t trust that the universe is on their side. That is why the world’s economy still seems to be stuck in neutral.

I remember all too clearly what happened to me after September 11th, 2001. I had just launched my professional speaking career when that happened and because of the fear that act generated, the speaking business came to a virtual halt. I found myself in the summer of 2002 with no business.

But rather than panicking, I asked myself a critical question, and one you should be asking yourself these days: what would I do if I was committed to my success and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I could not fail?

The answers came quickly. I took 2 months and wrote my first book. I started my own publishing company, printed the first run of 1000 copies and mailed them to business executives to get feedback. Based on the feedback, I re-did the book, printed another 5000 copies and hired a publicist. I spent a year doing over 50 radio shows, many TV shows, and dozens of talks and book signings in major bookstores across the country. All of this when I had very little business.

I literally spent 2 years laying the foundation for my future, having faith in my vision and trusting it would all turn out great. And it did. The book I wrote, which I might never have written if my business didn’t come to a standstill, became the vehicle for the success of both my speaking and coaching business. In five years, I earned my certified speaking professional designation and in case you don’t know it, we now have offices in So. CA, Oakland, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Texas.

I’m reminded of the wonderful line attributed to Helen Keller: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing! What’s it being for you?

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