Leadership Tip: Outwitting the Devil

It’s not very often that I recommend a book, but I’ve been reading so many amazing books recently that validate the philosophy expressed in Unshackled Leadership that that is about to change, starting now.Scott Hunter Leadership Speaker book

Napolean Hill, one of the bestselling self-help authors of all time, whose teachings have influenced entire generations of success seekers, wrote a profound and provocative book in 1938 just after the publication of his all-time best-seller, Think and Grow Rich. That book, entitled Outwitting The Devil, was withheld from release because it was considered too controversial by his family and advisors. Hill’s insights on breaking through inhibitions and living a life free from fear, doubt, and dependency remained mostly unseen – until now.

This book reveals that the Devil – after being outwitted by Hill – relinquishes his secrets about the hidden methods of control that can lead us to ruin. If offers a perceptive look at how we hand over our fates to negative thoughts, passive acceptance, and physical pain, and identifies the greatest obstacles we face in reaching personal goals: fear, procrastination, anger and jealousy.

Hill’s aim was, in his own words, to help “unlock the doors of the self-made prisons in which men and women are confined.” The book does just that. And because it was written at a time when the world was emerging from a severe financial meltdown and facing a global conflict, it has surprising relevance to our own time of economic and political uncertainty.

Now you might ask: is the book really about the “devil” and did Hill actually interview the devil? Hill doesn’t answer that question and leaves it to you to decide. However, my answer is yes, as long as you understand that the “devil” is the ego which I write so much about. So if you want to take a much deeper look at all of the subtle ways the ego takes over our lives, I highly recommend the book. 

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