Leadership Tip: Life is like a catalog

Do you realize that for each and every one of you, life is like having available to you an endless assortment of catalogs, all of which contain every imaginable thing a human being could want? Sound too good to be true? I’ll bet it does. But here’s the reality: it’s the truth.

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As always, you can choose to debate with me or just ignore me, which I suspect many of you do, or you could open your mind to a new possibility and start to improve the quality of your experience. If you’re open to that, read on.

So how do you select what you want and what you get from the endless list of imaginable things available to you in the endless assortment of catalogs available to you? The answer is in the question: it’s all what you imagine. You see, you always get what your dominant thoughts are focusing on and the dominant feelings you have. Unfortunately, for most human beings, their thoughts and feelings are in response to their circumstances. And, since for most human beings, they do NOT have the things they want, their thoughts and feelings are negative: frustration, disappointment, complaints, criticism, excuses, gossip, etc.

What people don’t realize is that all of those negative feelings are bringing to them exactly those experiences from the catalogs of life. This is why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer and why over 95% of the people on this planet are broke, unhappy and feeling powerless. Today, these very same people are acting out their victim game by occupying parks around the world. Have you noticed?

If you don’t want to be one of them, here’s what to do. Speak only of what you love, focus only on what you love, talk about the good news of the day, what’s working, how blessed you are. Choose to feel good, be happy, grateful, excited, joyful. Generate your feelings independently of the circumstances of life.

Imagine what you want in life. Feel love for what you imagine. Imagine you already have what you want. Always feel happy when you see something you desire or you see someone else have something you desire. Know that if it exists or someone else has it, you can have it too. Do these things and watch all of the things you want come to you.

Turn away from things you don’t love without judgment. Stop complaining, blaming, criticizing, gossiping and making excuses. You get what you give. Life is a perfect feedback mechanism. If you don’t have what you want, it’s only because you are not imagining having it and generating the feelings associated with already having it. As I say at the end of every chapter of Unshackled Leadership, life is always about 2 choices, A or B. This article is another example of exactly how this works.



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