Winning the Battle with Your Ego

I was out walking with my girlfriend this morning and after her sharing her insights gained from a workshop she had been in for the last three days, we began to discuss what a challenge it is to just be a human being on planet earth in 2011. Think about it. Is every day filled with nothing but joy, happiness and a real sense of accomplishment? And what about all the people who are out of work, homeless, living in poverty, or camping out all around the world protesting how things are for so many.Scott Hunter Leadership Speaker Ego Photo

Here’s the fundamental problem. We arrive here as a full expression of the divine. Regardless of your personal religious beliefs, all you have to do is look at a new born baby and it’s clear that we arrive as a joyous expression of life, whole, perfect and complete, with one and only one goal, that being to explore what it is to take on a body and discover what it’s like living as a full expression of that life force which is our source.

If we could only remember that, if we could just go through life knowing that we are whole, perfect and complete, that we have the ability to accomplish anything that anyone else has ever accomplished, that there are no limitations other than the ones we create for ourselves, and that we live in a world of infinite opportunities and possibilities, all we be fine and life really would be a joyous and happy experience.

Unfortunately, we all have this other voice that speaks to us, the voice of the ego. The ego is the part of our mind that believes just the opposite. It is the part of our mind that believes that we are flawed, that we are not good enough, not worthy and not loved or lovable. It is the part of our mind that believes that we are separate and alone in a hostile universe. It is the part of our mind that has us live in fear, fear of anything, fear of everything.

And here’s the worst part of all. The ego always speaks loudest and always speaks first. For most people, especially those who are out of work, homeless, living in poverty or protesting the unfairness of life, the voice of the ego is so loud, they cannot hear any other possibility, certainly not the truth of who they are. Even when the voice of possibility speaks up, the voice of the ego fights it tooth and nail.

So that is the challenge, every day. Do you live the truth of who you are or do you listen to the voice of the ego? If you don’t take affirmative action to listen to the truth of who you are, the worst part of this is that the ego dominates by default. So what is there to do? If you are like most, you get up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast and head out for your day. We recommend that you NOT do that. because you head out for your day unarmed and susceptible to the domination of the ego.

Instead, take at least 15 – 20 minutes in the morning, write for yourself a list of daily reminders and read them, read something inspirational, meditate, write in a journal, do whatever you need to do to connect yourself with the truth about who you are so you are prepared to face the battle. Don’t leave the house until you are clear about who you are, that there are no limitations, that you can accomplish anything, and you have the confidence and the enthusiasm necessary for an amazing day.

I do this every morning, no matter where I am and what I’m doing and it makes a huge difference. If you would like a copy of my morning ritual, send me an email and I’ll send it to you.

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