Strategizing is a Waste of Time

If you are a company owner, president, CEO, COO or any other senior level manager, do you know that it’s very likely that you spend 98 or more % of your time focusing on the wrong thing? Think about it. What do you spend most of your time doing? Strategizing, solving, fixing, planning, acting, directing? Did I leave anything out?leadership styles for success

And why do you do those things? Because you don’t trust that left alone, things will work out just fine. You think it’s actually your job to make things happen, rather than just allowing things to happen. For you, life is like a board game and you have to develop the strategy in order to win.

There are so many problems with this approach. First, you are only so smart. Even if you are really really smart, your intelligence is finite as compared to the infinite intelligence available in the universe. So by definition, you trying to figure things out is playing with a limited deck of cards.

Secondly, all of that frantic doing is almost always fear based. You try so hard to make things happen because at some level, you’re terrified that if you don’t, everything will just fall apart. But the problem is that when you come from fear, the law of attraction, which is indeed a law in the universe, just attracts to you events and circumstances to have you be fearful.

Is there a better approach? Absolutely! Here’s the short version:

  1. Get clear about your company or personal vision
  2. From that vision, create, in detail and on paper, a clear picture of what your company will look like in 5 years.
  3. Create an organizational structure to run the company as it will look then.
  4. Start operating as if you are the president not of your company as it exists today but of your company as it will be in 5 years. And make sure it will be at least twice the size as it is today.
  5. Pay attention and follow your intuition. Your subconscious mind will immediately begin to figure out how to get you from here to there and all you have to do is pay attention and do what shows up in front of you to do.

This approach really does work. Try it and see. If you want to read the long version, it’s laid out in Chapter 19 of Unshackled Leadership. You can get your copy here!

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