Leadership Strategy Tip: Goal Setting

I attended a meeting this past week where the speaker was Mark LeBlanc. Mark has been a professional speaker since he was 21 and rose to be the president of the National Speakers Association a number of years ago. Mark shared an idea that I found so profound I want to share it with you.leadership theories goal setting

The preface of the idea is that we are mostly all good, on December 31st of each year, at wiping the slate clean and starting the New Year with a fresh slate. We set goals and create objectives for the year and we’re off and running. I must admit that this is exactly what I have always done.

But there are two problems with this approach, ones we all know about, but don’t have a solution for, until now. Problem number one is that many people find it hard to keep their commitments (lose 10 pounds, start going to the gym, etc.) and as soon as they break them a couple of times, they give up and that’s that for the year.

Problem number two is that we get to September or October, maybe sooner or later, and we’re so far behind on our goals or objectives, we give up and wait for January 1 to start over. Both of these problems are solved by Mark’s leadership strategy.

Here it is: After you create your goals and objectives for the year, break them all down into monthly goals and objectives. Then, at the end of each month, complete the month, celebrate your accomplishments, reset the counter to zero and start year over. No plus or minus carryover. On the first day of each month, the year starts anew.

Can you see the brilliance of this? It solves both problems one and two and every month, you get to start over, no matter how badly you did the last month. I’m so impressed with this I have taken all of my yearly goals and turned them all into monthly ones and I’m excited to start anew 12 times a year instead of once.

His final suggestion was: Every morning, ask yourself: what am I going to do today to reach my monthly goal? Every night, ask yourself: what did I do today to reach my monthly goal? Work your plan, stay in action, and have a great month of December.

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