Why not play full out?

As a follow up to what I wrote about last week, if you understand that life and business is not about winning or losing but rather is about winning or having learning experiences, the obvious next step is to learn to play full out. And that is something most people don’t do. Why is that?

Look at it this way: you can expect the best all of the time, most of the time, some of the time or none of the time. What do you do? Rarely do people expect the best all of the time. If that’s true, and life is about winning and losing, you surely don’t want to let it all hang out because if it doesn’t turn out the way you would like, you will lose.

But in the context I’m creating, where you always win, whether you do or not, then you might as well expect the best and go for it because there’s nothing to fear. And you do know that fear is the dominant human emotion, right?

Can you begin to see how this all plays out and why human beings tend to hold themselves back? Don’t expect the best, worry about losing and be fearful, it’s all the most popular game. Unfortunately, the price you pay for playing that game is: no self expression, no real joy, no real passion, a life of quiet desperation. Just what the ego wants.

There is another way to play. Just go for it. Play full out. Expect the best all of the time. As I discussed last week, celebrate your victories, learn from your mistakes, trust that it’s all perfect and have fun. The payoff is full self expression, excitement, joy and passion, and a life worth living. As I say in my book Unshackled Leadership, always two and only two choices, and the one you pick makes all the difference in the world. Choose wisely!

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