The viciousness of the ego

I continue to be stunned by the viciousness of the ego and how determined it is to sabotage people. You do know by now that the ego is vicious and does not have your best interests at heart. Correct? If not, you really do need to wake up to this reality. The ego is suspicious at best and vicious at worst. The more you try to free yourself from its grip, the more vicious it becomes.

For example, the ego loves being in control of your life. It will do anything to keep you ignorant of how great your life really could be and, if you run a company, how fabulous and successful you could be if you stopped listening to its conversation of fear and scarcity. And fear and scarcity are its dominant messages. As long as that conversation is running you, it will do anything to keep you in your comfort zone.

Every time I get to speak to a large convention, this aspect of the ego demonstrates itself big time. A couple of weeks ago, I spoke in Louisville, KY, at the Pumper and Cleaner International Environmental Expo. Over 12,000 people in this business came from all over the world to learn and see the latest equipment in their field. I did 5 hours of workshops and spoke to many hundreds of people.

Since my commitment is to represent the voice of hope and possibility, the opposite of the voice of the ego, it didn’t surprise me that over 40 people expressed interest in the work we do in organizations and gave me their cards with a request to follow up with them. But predictably, it didn’t take long before the ego voice of fear took over and all the hope, possibility and excitement that got generated in my sessions disappeared.

The vast majority of people, when called to follow up as they requested, simply didn’t take our phone calls. Those that did, because the ego had not fully taken over yet, actually had conversations with us and about a half dozen agreed to a course of action which would have made a huge difference in their lives and in their companies. But by the time the contract arrived, the ego was in full charge and they all backed out. So in the final analysis, of the over 40 people who got excited about our message of hope and possibility, all but two sold out to the ego.

Is the ego really that vicious? Is it really that committed to being in charge of your life and keeping you stuck in your comfort zone? You had better believe it. Which is why over 90% of the people on this planet spend their entire life and nothing changes. I truly hope you’re not one of them.

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