Workers morale plunges because ...

For those of you that are regular readers of this newsletter, the front page article in this Monday’s issue of USA Today will come as no surprise. Either way, please take heed of what the article says.

The headline is: “Workers antsy as morale plunges – But employers think everything is just fine.” Some of the things the article states are: Employee loyalty is at a three-year low, but many employers are precariously unaware of the morale meltdown. Businesses are understandably focused on expenses but they’re taking their eye off the ball with human capital issues, notably what drives employee satisfaction and loyalty.

As a result of employers not focusing on the people that run their businesses, as we talk about all the time, the article states that fed-up workers are seeking greener professional pastures and more than 1 in 3 hope to find a new job this year. What’s sad for these employees is that they likely won’t find those seemingly greener pastures any greener.

What’s sad for the employers who are unaware of this reality is stated clearly in the article: that the impending exodus could wallop employers who have to pay for recruiting and training replacements, as well as deal with lost productivity as they seek personnel.

I hope the solution is evident. It’s a reality of life that people don’t care about you until they know you care about them. If you are reading this as an employer, get to work letting your employees know you care about them and their future. Keep them informed. Encourage open communication. Ask them what they want out of their jobs and how you can help them achieve their goals. Share with them your vision for the future and ask them what role they would like to play in its fulfillment. Treat your employees like the most valuable asset of your organization, because the fact of the matter is, they are.

If you are reading this as an employee and your employer isn’t doing the above, send them a copy of this article. Better yet, go talk to them about it. It’s only the ego voice of fear that tells you you’ll get fired if you open your mouth. Not true. Most employers appreciate hearing what they could do better. And you know what: if you get fired trying to help, that should convince you there really are greener pastures waiting for you!

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