Feeling like a proud parent

I don’t recall ever doing this before but I feel like a proud parent that just has to share about the wonderful things going on with his children. So if you’ll indulge me . . .

What you may or may not know is that we regularly conduct multiple day retreats, mostly for the management of companies, but sometimes for entire companies. Last week we conducted such a retreat for the 14 managers of a privately held company to lay the foundation for an exciting and successful future. Like many companies, this one was going well but being run on a day to day basis without an underlying philosophy that would guarantee the future the owner wanted. So we stepped in with the Unshackled Leadership approach and spent two days indoctrinating everyone in our philosophy. Here are the e mails I received either the very same night or within a day or two of the completion of the retreat:

“What we just did as a group has already changed my train of thought.  I feel as if a weight was lifted from my life… not my body. I stopped to get some panda express for dinner. My fortune cookie stated "you shall soon achieve perfection". Being blind to the world " I thought I had already"!  Until today I thought I had it all worked out "foolish". Does anyone feel like they left something back in that room? It seems so much clearer now.  I believe that just letting go has made me realize that all is so easy to achieve. Makes me wonder how much time I have wasted in the last year worrying about a bunch of petty crap!!!  I appreciate my family at home and my family at work now. And… I know what I need to do to improve both! Good night team. Tomorrow is already brighter!!!”   

“All is well. The mood is good. I’m looking forward to the future. Home life as well. Need to get out of this negative tar pit. I’m betting on this.”

“Scott, I think after all said and done you have changed me. I guess I thought I knew it all… Apparently not the case after meeting you. The good thing about the whole meeting was that I am feeling so much more emotional. I always had the pride…but emotion was lacking. I want to go through more classes very soon. I actually did not sleep a wink last night due to excitement. My mind was all over the place.”

“Scott, I’ve had a couple of days to process and go over the information passed and conversations had. I truly believe that I am very fortunate for having lived the experience of your seminar. I’ve had several phone and radio conversations with some of the people that participated, and I sincerely view these people in a very different way. I find myself feeling a level of understanding and compassion that I never felt for these people in the 4 years knowing them. That in itself gives me a sense of self pride. I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you and you’re staff “Lois and Lori” my most sincere thanks. I know that I must take full advantage of this precious gift that has been set in front of me in full view and apply it. Please rest assured that I will not let your knowledge and faith in us go for naught. I am disappointed in the fact that there was more to do and not enough time to do it in. hopefully there will be another opportunity. Again Thank You Very Much.”

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