Being Successful - Part Three

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Here are a few more responses to my question about the source of success:

“I believe the answer to all successful people is that they are motivated to succeed because it comes from THEIR OWN heart, THEIR OWN passion, to fulfill what THEY BELIEVE to be a meaningful contribution to this society/country/world. They believe in THEIR OWN dream and envision the results prior to achieving them. They are not afraid to have some failures along the way and do not let obstacles stop their drive to succeed. I guess as I think about it they throw out the negative ego of FEAR in all aspects.”

“Passion, hard work and opportunity.”

“I think most people who are successful love and truly believe in what they are doing. I think that they think they will make a difference in the world whether it is finding a family the right house or making a delicious new flavor of ice cream.”

These are all wonderful answers and it’s hard to argue against any of them. The only problem is that there are countless numbers of people who operate consistent with what is said above and are never successful.

So what’s the answer? And, is there “an answer?” I believe there is. Here it is:

How you think determines how you feel. I used to question which comes first, thinking or feeling, and now I’m clear everything starts with your thinking. And how you think and feel determines what actions you take and how you take them. And your actions then determine your results. So where does it ALL start? With how you think.

And what determines your thinking? How you were programmed to think in the early stages of your life. Most people, over 80%, are programmed to think in ways that guarantee they will be unsuccessful.

Successful people think differently than unsuccessful people – that’s the bottom line. So the only way to become successful is to learn to think the way successful people think.

Why is this the truth? Well that is the subject for the next issue. In the meantime, keep those arguments in favor of other answers coming. I will eventually respond to all of them.

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