Being Successful - Part 6

Back to our conversation about success: Let’s take a simple example of the law of cause and effect. I often ask people when I do interviews in a company if they are satisfied or not. And then I ask them to give themselves a score on a scale of 1 to 10 as to their level of satisfaction.

I guarantee you that everybody I ask this of answers my question by looking into their lives and their businesses to see how things ARE compared to how they would like them TO BE. Can you relate? I’ll bet you would do the same thing if I asked you that question.

Now, what’s the likelihood that everything in your life is exactly the way you would like it to be? Pretty slim for the vast majority of people. So I rarely get someone give themselves a score of 10. There is always a certain degree of dissatisfaction. AND, what is it that you and I spend most of our time dwelling on, the things in our lives that are working the way we would like or the things that are not. You guessed it, the later.

Under the law of cause and effect, if you focus on the things that you are not satisfied with, what you will attract into your life and your business are more things to be dissatisfied about. Conversely, if you focus on the things that you are satisfied with, you will attract into your life and your business things which will bring you satisfaction.

Successful people, generally speaking, look for the good. Life is not filled with lots of problems, life is filled with lots of opportunities. Unsuccessful people focus on what’s not working. They often feel victimized by life. When things are not working, they blame others, they justify why things are the way they are, and they often spend lots of time complaining.

Successful people recognize that they are in charge of their lives. When something isn’t working, they know they can fix it and they do. I recently read an article by Marshall Goldsmith, a very successful and prominent coach who works with high level executives in Fortune 500 companies. His research shows that:

“Successful people believe that they are doing what they choose to do, because they choose to do it,” “Successful people believe that they have the internal capacity to make desirable things happen,” “Successful people tend to pursue opportunities,” and “Successful people tend to have a positive interpretation of their past performance.”

Please notice that none of these characteristics have anything to do with how smart they are, how hard they work, etc etc etc. It’s all about the way they view the world and how they think. So start noticing your thinking and we’ll continue this discussion next week.

To be continued.  Have a great week.

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