Being Successful - Part Seven

Let’s take another example of the law of cause and effect. What is the most predominant human emotion in our society? If you guessed “fear” you are correct. And what’s the opposite of fear? My favorite words are faith, trust and optimism. 

But fear is so prevalent that if we see someone being totally turned on about life, totally optimistic, having something wonderful to say about everything and everybody, most people react like they are totally out of touch with reality. We say: “be realistic.” Or we call them a Pollyanna, because fear is the biggest game in town.

But here’s the rub. If you come from fear, what you will attract into your life are lots of things to be fearful of. Your life experience will be that there are lots of things to worry about or be fearful of and all of your fears will seem very real.

If you come from trust and optimism, what you will attract into your life are lots of things to support you in having faith. Your life experience will be that life is filled with opportunities and breakdowns are temporary bumps in the road.

Here’s the most important point: Successful people don’t let their fears stop them! They are brave. They are risk takers. They have courage. They don’t stay in jobs or other circumstances that don’t support their vision and don’t bring them excitement and aliveness.

Unsuccessful people are stopped by their fears. They often choose being comfortable rather than taking risks. They view people who are out on the skinny branches of life as being foolish and irresponsible. They stay in jobs and relationships that don’t work for them because stepping out into the unknown is too scary.

Successful people play the game of life to win. Unsuccessful people play the game of life not to lose. Please read those two sentences very carefully. The difference is subtle, but makes all the difference in the world. And don’t move on too quickly. Take a moment. Ask yourself which you are doing, playing to win or not to lose. This could just be a life altering moment.

One of the things we fear the most, even though it is rarely noticed, is that we will not have enough. In addition to fear being the most predominant human emotion, so is a belief in scarcity. We are so driven to plan, control, manage and save because we have no faith that we will be taken care of. It’s all about scarcity thinking.

What’s the opposite of scarcity? Abundance. Successful people think abundantly. Unsuccessful people think scarcity. And, it’s always a self fulfilling prophecy. The law of cause and effect at work.

If you “come from” scarcity, you’ll have a lot of scarcity in your life. If you “come from” abundance, you’ll have a lot of abundance in your life. Would you like to know why your net worth is what it is, why you have the amount of money in the bank that you have, why you make the level of income you make? There are a lot of myths about these questions too. It has NOTHING to do with how smart you are, how hard you work, what your job is, where you went to school or didn’t.

It’s all a function of your thinking. The amount of money (wealth) in your life EXACTLY corresponds to where your thinking is on the fear/abundance continuum. Which is why when a “rich” person has a downturn, and even goes bankrupt, it rarely takes very long before they are rich once again. And why people who win the lottery usually figure out pretty quickly how to lose all of the money they won.

Summarizing, start managing your attitude. Be enthusiastic, positive, passionate, and satisfied. Be willing to take risks. Have faith. The universe really is on your side. Confront your fears and insecurities. They are all imagined. They are not real. Having faith, being optimistic, trusting that everything will always turn out for the best just makes sense. Since whatever is going on in your life is a direct consequence of your thinking, why not take advantage of that fact and upgrade your thinking. And, you might just have fun doing this.

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