Being Successful - Part Four

In the last issue, I stated that successful people think differently than unsuccessful people – that is the bottom line. So the only way to become successful is to learn to think the way successful people think.

Why is this true? Because there is something called the law of cause and effect. Let me quote from Chapter 9 of Unshackled Leadership, Building Businesses Based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance:

“Ever since Napolean Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich, and maybe even before then, people have been discussing the possibility that our thoughts attract the circumstances into our lives. In his book You’ll See It When You Believe It (Harper Collins, 2001), the prolific author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer says that what you have in your life is a reflection of your beliefs. This notion has been popularized under the term “the power of positive thinking,” the implication being that if you think “positive,” you’ll have a “positive” experience and produce “positive” results.

“For many people, this was some “good idea” until Albert Einstein came along, whose theories gave birth to what is now known as quantum physics. As I understand it, Einstein said that the basic “stuff” of the universe is pure energy. But it’s not any ordinary energy; rather, it’s energy that has intelligence to it. And, human thought activates it. This has given credibility to all the power of positive thinking theories.

“So here’s my understanding of the law of cause and effect and how this all relates. Simply stated, you are the “cause,” and what manifests in your world is the “effect.” More specifically, your thinking and beliefs determine how you become the “cause” in your company and your life.

“Think of it as each of us being like a magnet. We attract things to ourselves that are consistent with our thinking and beliefs, and we repel things from ourselves that are inconsistent with our thinking and beliefs. Since it is highly unusual for someone to think, believe, speak, and act in ways that are fundamentally inconsistent, your conversation and your actions are a great access to your thinking and beliefs.

“If you would like a more rigorous discussion of cause and effect than I am presenting here, as well as the work of the quantum physicists, I invite you to read Quantum Physics, Illusion or Reality by Alastair Rae, (Cambridge University Press, 1986), or Quantum Legacy, The Discovery That Changed Our Universe, by Barry Parker (Prometheus Books, 2002).”

Or here’s another idea. The movie What the Bleep Do We Know is now available on DVD in all of your typical video stores. It is an amazing and fascinating movie about quantum physics. I highly recommend that you go rent and watch it. Better yet, buy it and watch it over and over again.

To be continued.

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