The Real Meaning of Cause and Effect

One of the real problems that people in general and those with leadership responsibilities in organizations have is that the principle of cause and effect is reversed in our minds. That is, we believe that circumstances are happening to us and are responsible for our pain, misery, distress and lack of success. In truth, our circumstances are happening from us 100% of the time.Scott Hunter Leadership Training Cause and Effect

If you haven’t immediately tuned me out and stopped reading because this sounds completely farfetched, consider this. If you rang a bell, you would likely hear a ding. So the bell is cause and the ding is the effect of the bell. That’s pretty obvious. You wouldn’t go chasing after and try to change the ding if you didn’t like it. You’d go back to the bell.

We are the same way. We are cause and our circumstances are the effect. Yet, when we don’t like the circumstances, we try to change them instead of dealing with the source. And why are we the source? I can explain this in many ways so here’s one. As Deepak Chopra, the prolific author explains, we are living in a sea of infinite intelligence. That assertion is fully validated by quantum physics. Every thought we have plants a seed in that sea and therefore must return to us in kind.

If you plant potatoes, you’re not going to get corn. If you plant corn, you’re not going to get apples. So it is in life. There is no such thing as an idle thought. Every thought you have sends a pulse of energy out into that sea of intelligence and ultimately manifests. This is why, fundamentally, you are the source of the circumstances you experience.

The simplest way to relate to this is that whatever you believe, you get to be right about. So be careful about what you choose to believe. A very wise teacher of mine once said that the basic problem with human beings is that they have undisciplined minds. I agree. We are not careful about what we allow ourselves to think about. Think things are hard and they will be. Think life is tough and it will be. Think you can’t be successful and you won’t be.

But think there are lots of opportunities out there for you and there will be. Be optimistic and you’ll be justified. Be appreciative and you’ll have lots to appreciate. Be confident and you’ll be richly rewarded. It’s all up to you. Stop chasing the ding.


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