What is Your Main Goal?

What is your main goal? Accumulating great wealth? Getting a great job? Finding the “perfect” relationship? Having a successful and thriving company? Getting the next promotion? Take a look and see what your main goal is if I haven’t mentioned it yet.

What’s pretty likely is that you didn’t answer: being happy. Or, experiencing joy in my life. Or, waking up every day thrilled with the opportunity to just be alive. And that you likely didn’t answer the question in that way is the root cause of the great amount of unhappiness that exists in the major countries of the world today.

It is indeed truly sad that at least in the western world, we have all too frequently bought into the belief that the pathway to happiness is to accumulate “stuff” or the other goals mentioned above. It just doesn’t work. We start from being unhappy and think that by accumulating wealth, getting a great job, finding the perfect relationship, etc., we will one day be happy. The problem is we never examine the reason why we are pursuing those things in the first place, the fact that we’re not happy.Scott Hunter Leadership Speaker Happiness Photo

So, in that scenario, how much of the goal do you have to achieve to finally be happy? The simple answer is that it never happens. And, to make matters worse, being unhappy just attracts to you all kinds of circumstances and events to support you in staying unhappy.

Here’s what I’d like you to try on. Happiness and joy do NOT come from the circumstances of life. There’s no amount of “stuff” that you can ever have that will make you happy. There are millions of people that have all of the things you would like to have that are really unhappy.

Happiness is a choice you make. The only way to be happy is to choose to be happy. The only way to be joyous is to choose to be joyous. Instead of waiting for happiness and joy to come to you, choose to bring your happiness and joy with you on the journey. Have being happy and joyous be your main goal.

Here’s the best part of all: you’ll start waking up every day thrilled with the opportunity to just be alive. And then watch how your choice to be happy and joyous attracts to you wealth, a great job, the perfect relationship, a successful and thriving company and all of the other wonderful things life has to offer.


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