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Create a Bucket List – Add South America

Traveling to South America wasn’t very high on my bucket list and may not be for you, but having just returned from a 13 day adventure there, I offer you the following thoughts to perhaps change your mind. And if you don’t have a bucket list, perhaps it’s time to create one. There is a big, beautiful world... Read More ➝

Leadership Mindset: Totally Release the Past

The more I study and understand the nature of life and business, the more I become convinced that the “formula” for having an amazing life and a truly successful business is really quite simple. Hold onto your chair because here it is: Totally release the past, let go of all attachments and judgments, forgive everyone for everything, including... Read More ➝

Leadership Strategy: Teach Others How to Treat You

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Wow, what an impactful statement!  I came across this quote in Dr. Phil McGraw’s book, Life Strategies – Doing What Works, Doing What Matters.  One of his Ten Laws of Life is: We Teach People How to Treat Us.  A common understanding in “training” pets... Read More ➝

Can it get any worse?

I am writing this as one of the last activities I will perform today before heading to my television to watch the election returns. As I think about that, it occurs to me that tomorrow, when all of the results are in, about half the people in the USA will be happy, maybe excited, maybe thrilled, and the... Read More ➝

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