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Why not Peace?

In last week’s post, I suggested that you set the goal of peace. I further said that setting the goal of peace provides two dramatic benefits:

1. You experience peace now; and

2. You experience peace and peaceful events and circumstances in the future.

How great is that?

Now comes the obvious question: why don’t most people... Read More ➝

Leadership Lessons Inspired by Memorial Day

As we celebrate all of the brave men and women who have inspired the Memorial Day holiday, I can’t help but think about the lessons those of us in positions of leadership in the business world can learn from those courageous events that make up our country’s history. Today’s business leaders can learn a lot from those who... Read More ➝

Qualities of Effective Leaders

Leadership is an extremely valuable skill.  Some people seem to be born with the ability to inspiringly lead others, while others have to really work at it.  Being able to effectively lead others can create an amazing work environment where you’re getting the support you need to create the results you desire, and others know they can count... Read More ➝

The Fine Balance of Work and Play

When was the last time you let yourself play?  I mean REALLY play and have fun?  Do you ever notice how we as adults think that we have to BUY fun?  When we want to have some fun, what do we do?  Go to the movies, go on vacation, go on a shopping spree, go skiing.  Are these... Read More ➝

The Blame Game

Have you ever played the Blame Game?   Maybe you have and you don’t even realize it!

Did you miss out on a promotion and blame your co-worker because he kisses up to the boss?  Did you not get that sale you’ve been working on and blame it on xyz?  Did you get laid off and say it’s because you’re... Read More ➝

Trust: The Forgotten Emotion

Do you ever notice how much you’re into “doing.” If you’re like the vast majority of people who run companies, or even run work teams, or even run your own operation inside of a larger organization, you surely have goals, objectives, deadlines, obligations and such. You likely awaken each day, look at your to-do list or list of... Read More ➝

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