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Leadership Tool: The Boomerang

In a recent blog, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life”, Scott talked about how you create your life with your thoughts.  When you choose a thought or behavior, whether you do this consciously or not, you choose the consequences.  Some examples would be:  You choose where to be, what to do, what to believe, what to say, etc. ... Read More ➝

A Time for Decision

I’m writing this as I watch the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL. As someone intensely interested in politics, and who has some clear views about what needs to get done and what should get done, I’m surely tempted to express my views at this point. However, I will resist doing that as I trust you to... Read More ➝

Learn to Listen

In the last few posts, reflecting on what I was hearing at the National Speakers Association’s annual convention, I reminded you that knowing what to do and doing it will never guarantee you’ll be as successful as the one telling you what to do. In fact, you might not be successful at all. The simple reason for this... Read More ➝

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