The Law of Creation and Manifestation

It occurs to me that if everyone on this planet of ours understood how to use their ability to create and manifest, what a different world we would have. Having said that, let’s talk about our ability to create and manifest.

Whether you’re a student of quantum physics, the law of attraction, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill or any of the other hundreds of books written on the subject, the simple and irrefutable fact is that we are the creators of our experience. How it works is that we have thoughts, our thoughts create feelings and emotions, and those thoughts, fueled by the feelings and emotions, get planted in the fertile soil of creativity and ultimately manifest.  

If you plant watermelon seeds in your back yard, you’re not going to get a harvest of oranges. That’s pretty obvious. Yet the corresponding fact of how we use thoughts to create is beyond the understanding of most people, which is why so few seem to manifest what they say they want.

So many people spend their time complaining about and thereby focusing on what they don’t want and then wonder why they don’t have what they want. I can’t find a job, my relationship isn’t very satisfying, nobody understands me, I don’t have the money, I’m sick, I can’t afford it, I hate this or that, are all the types of things most people seem to speak about. Unfortunately, this “law” of creation that I’m discussing has no sense of humor and has no opinion about what you choose to think. So when you think and speak about all of the things you don’t want, that’s what you get more of.

This gets me back to my opening statement. If everyone, including you, the person reading this, understood how to use your ability to create and manifest, we would have an amazingly happy, successful and abundant world.

How to implement this: since your thoughts become your experiences, choose your thoughts carefully and attempt, if at all possible, to think about what you want in such a way that it is for the highest and best good of everyone. And watch out for the two most powerful words that you use to start a sentence: “I am …” and “I intend …”

For example, never say things like “I’m broke” or “I’m sick” or anything else negative after those two words. But you might ask: what if I am broke or sick? I say: that’s not a fact, it’s what you’re creating! Regardless of what you see in front of you, which is just the result of what you’ve said in the past, learn to use those two statements to create how you would like your life and your company to be …

I am rich and prosperous

I am happy, healthy, and filled with vitality and I intend to have a wonderful day.

I intend that I am in perfect health.

I intend that the perfect job, with the perfect opportunities, with wonderful teammates and benefits is manifesting for me now.

I intend that our company is successful and prosperous and that we have all of the customers we want

I intend that I am the president of the leading company in our industry

Start the day saying these kinds of things and then look around you to see what needs fixing. Whatever it is, intend that the perfect solution is on its way and that you are whole in every way. You do have the power of manifestation, you are using it every minute of every day with the thoughts you now have, so if you don’t like what you’re seeing in front of you, change your thoughts to be consistent with what you want.

And for those of you that think this is a bunch of nonsense and want to continue living feeling victimized so you can blame everyone else for your circumstances, I highly recommend you give that up and take responsibility for your life because in the final analysis, this is not a dress rehearsal for your real life. This is it. Make the most of it.

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