Feeling Down? What Can You Do?

As a leader, you want to have a great attitude and positive energy to lead your team. 

Actually, as I’ve written before, you want to have a great attitude to lead yourself!  But sometimes you may be feeling “down”.  What can you do?

 Last week I listened to Scott Hunter present to an amazing group of sales managers on “Sales Management, From Great to Extraordinary”.  This reminded me of some of the great distinctions discussed in the book, Unshackled Leadership by Scott.  This includes managing your attitude because how you think determines how you feel which, in turn, influences your actions and ultimately the results.  In Scott’s most recent blog, he also noted, “Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting”.

 There is a great chart in the book, Unshackled Leadership, (pg. 119) that shows how your mood/attitude affects the frequency at which your energy “vibrates”. For example, if you are feeling fear, anxiety, depression, powerlessness or despair, you’re at a low energy frequency.  At the top of the chart, where the energy frequency is highest, is joy, wisdom, empowerment, appreciation, love and gratitude.  There are several levels in between.  What’s important to appreciate is that you’re like a magnet and you attract to you that which is consistent with the energy that you are and repel from you that which is inconsistent with the energy you are.  Not only do you want to feel positive, enthusiastic, happy etc. but you also want to attract that in your life.

 As a coach, I asked myself the question, “How does someone move themselves from the bottom of the mood/attitude chart to the top?”  In other words, if you’re feeling down, what can you do to move yourself up to having more positive energy feelings?  One suggestion is to take a look at the chart I mentioned that shows where a particular mood/attitude is on the energy continuum.  See where you are in your feelings, mood or attitude.  Then, practice moving your mood/attitude up the chart one step at a time.  Choose where you want to be and start generating the new feelings you want, i.e., excitement, appreciation, or joy. 

 You can use the “I am” statements Scott mentioned in his blog, The Law of Creation and Manifestation.  For example, “I’m grateful for my new job.”  “I’m excited about my new project at work.”  “I love this beautiful day.”  Try a few statements and you will begin to feel your energy lift!  As you say it, look in the mirror, smile as you’re speaking and get an even bigger lift!  In future blogs I’ll give you more tips on moving yourself up the “energy” ladder!

 To get a copy of the chart I mentioned, you can purchase a copy of Unshackled Leadership on our website www.UnshackledLeadership.com OR email me for a PDF copy of the chart.  Lois@UnshackledLeadership.com

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