Leadership Tools: First, Take Care of Yourself

I’m sure you’ve heard that in case of an airline emergency, you put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then attend to others, such as your child.  The reasoning behind this is that you’ve got to take care of yourself first so you can be your best before you can take care of others. Looking at how this applies to leadership, it’s evident that to effectively lead yourself, your team, or your family, you need to be at your best and this means taking care of yourself first.  

In my last blog, “Feeling Down?  What Can you Do?” (10-25-12), I gave you a few tips on how to move your mood/attitude from down in the dumps to feeling fabulous.  I promised more tips this week, so here are some great mood/attitude boosters so you can be at your best.

Mind Boosters

Incorporate Daily Rituals into your routine.  It’s important to start your day with at least 5 minutes (longer is better!) of “Mood Boosters”, such as meditation, positive intentions, affirmations, prayers, inspirational reading, and personal daily reminders about how you want to be.  If you’re driving in the car, listen to positive audio books or recordings.  Spend time with people who are positive and supportive.  Avoid people who complain, gossip, or blame.  Avoid this yourself!  Acknowledge yourself and others.  Each evening, list in your journal all the things for which you are grateful.  You can also express gratitude in advance of getting something.  This is part of “acting as if” you already have something and will help “attract” that to you. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  Remember the song, “Don’t Worry, be Happy”?  Well, do that!  Smile, Laugh, Love!

 Body Boosters

Take care of your physical self.  Make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, take breaks, take a walk in nature, take a nap, get a massage, or listen to relaxing music.

On a personal note, to boost my mood/attitude, I like to listen to the audio book, The Power by Rhonda Byrne, author of the well known book, The Secret. She talks about what an attitude of love and gratitude can do in such a way that gets one very inspired, motivated and excited about life!  You find yourself at the top of the mood/attitude chart I mentioned last time.

What do you do to get your mood/attitude to move up to the top so you are feeling energized and fabulous?  Share your tips with me at Lois@UnshackledLeadership.com.

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