Happy Thanksgiving

In my way of thinking, Thanksgiving should be one of the most important and most celebrated holidays of the year because if you’re reading this newsletter, you have so much to be thankful for. And, as I will discuss in a moment, being thankful is the key to having a great life and a great company.

But it seems to me that we almost gloss over Thanksgiving in the USA. Halloween, at the end of October, is the second biggest holiday event in the USA and do you notice that the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations are already up. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving but mostly people are already gearing up for “the holidays.”

So why do I think Thanksgiving should be a really important holiday?

The law of cause and effect and teaches us that our thinking is the cause of EVERYTHING in our life. I hope you believe me when I say that because there is now an amazing amount of scientific evidence that it’s true.

In the 1970s, the Andrew Carnegie Foundation funded the largest research study ever done to determine what makes a successful individual. They surveyed more than 300,000 people in four employment sectors – business, industry, education and government. The findings speak for themselves. It was found that only 7% of your success is determined by the knowledge you have, only 12% by the skills you possess, and 81% of your success is determined by your attitude! So let’s look at this thing called attitude.

How the law of cause and effect relates to you is: you are like a magnet that will attract to you that which is consistent with your feelings/emotions/attitude.

When you are at the lowest of possible emotions, when you have the worst possible attitude – fear, anxiety, depression, powerlessness and despair – you attract to you circumstances and events which support you in being fearful, anxious, depressed, etc. I doubt you’d call this a formula for success.

Here’s a pretty common attitude at work: blaming, criticizing, condemning, judging, and thinking badly of. Know people that do this? Do you do it? If yes, guess what you’ll get?

The attitudes which will literally guarantee your success are love, gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, joy, bliss, excitement, enthusiasm, passion and the like. Why? Because you will attract to you and your company, events and circumstances to support you in experiencing gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, etc.

And here’s the most important point of all. What are those things? Where do they come from? Well they are neither the circumstances of life nor do they come from those circumstances. All of those things are attitudes. They come ONLY from you. They need to be generated.

In so many ways, we live in an upside down world. We are so programmed to believe that we get our attitude, our feelings, and our general sense of whom we are and how our life is from the circumstances of life. It just isn’t true.

Circumstances are just circumstances. They don’t inherently mean anything. You can be incredibly poor and truly happy or fabulously rich and miserable. How you choose to interpret the circumstances of life makes all the difference in the world. And now I hope you see how critical that choice is to your success.

This week is Thanksgiving in the USA. It is supposed to be a time when we pause to give thanks for all our blessings. How about using the opportunity this year to start giving thanks every day, maybe even every hour of the day, for all of your blessings? Start generating an everyday attitude of gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, enthusiasm, passion and joy. You might just come to discover how truly blessed you are. And, given the law of cause and effect, you might just find yourself being showered with blessings!

Several years ago I recorded a program entitled Living a Life You Love. It looks at each of the areas in our lives and gives guidelines on how to make the choices that will bring you success in your finances, relationships, career and attitude. If you haven’t yet gotten your copy, you can order it today at http://www.unshackledleadership.com/online-store/. It might just be the perfect Thanksgiving or holiday gift for yourself or a loved one.

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