Executive Leadership Tip: Embark on a Journey of Change

Over the past two weeks, we have covered what a paradigm is and how to apply it to our life.  Let’s set a goal that we will shine a beacon on the existing paradigm to remove it from the realm of the invisible. We will see it for what it is and understand how it causes us to think and act as human beings. This exercise will make it immediately apparent why our companies, and indeed our world, are in the poor shape they are in. We will then propose an alternative paradigm – another possible way of being – that will enable us to create cooperation, caring, cohesiveness, trust, respect, and most important for company leaders, satisfaction, fulfillment, harmony, creativity and productivity.

Once we do this and commit to this new way of being, everything will flow with ease. Set up the field with a diamond, bases and a pitcher’s mound and it’s easy to play baseball. All that’s left to do is to practice the new way of being until you get good at it, which shouldn’t take long if you’re willing to commit yourself to it. It’s time to take off the shackles and give yourself the freedom to lead your organization anywhere you want to take it and truly experience the extraordinary.leaderdship styles photo

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t…as long as you’re willing to tell the truth and do the work, which is the biggest challenge of all. As we will discuss over the next few weeks, people don’t want to change. They don’t want to admit that they don’t know everything. Most people want to be right. They will blame everyone else for their problems and failures.

If you’re willing to move beyond that, the results can be both extraordinary and amazing.Here’s the best news of all: after years of studying our nature as human beings, I’m convinced that life isn’t that complicated. Most of the time we have two choices, “A” and “B.” There aren’t many shades of gray. Two choices, A or B. As you will see, unconsciously we choose A. More accurately, it chooses us.  Stick with us, as over the next few months, you’ll see what both A and B are. Your job will be to learn to stay conscious and choose B. Simple, not so easy.

Here are two action items to help you as you start to examine and change the paradigms in your life:

  1. Start noticing what you believe to be the “truth.” Be willing to challenge your most deeply held beliefs.
  2. Ask what life would be like for you if what you believe was not the truth? Or what would life be like if just the opposite was the truth?

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