Leadership Requires Change

Chances are if you run a business, there are some things occurring in your business that aren’t working for you.  Things that you wished were different. Whether it’s the amount of time you are spending working, or a difficult employee.  Maybe it’s an overwhelming feeling of being unsure where the business is going, or how to motivate your employees to give their fullest effort.  Whatever it may be there is one thing that is certain…if you want it to change, then someone or something has to change.leadership and change

We love change, right?  Especially when someone else changes, I am all for that! If that employee would change his attitude, there would be so much less stress here.  If the economy would just improve, we would be thriving.  If my team would be more productive, I could spend more time at home enjoying my family. How many times have you caught yourself saying those things?

So if it’s not about the other person changing, then what does that leave?  It’s a no brainer, ME!  Each of us has to be willing to change in those situations when something is not working.  Change our thinking, change our habits or routines, change our communication style, change our belief system, etc.  We could wait for another person to change, but we could be waiting forever.  And that doesn’t have us in the driver’s seat in life.

Fear of change is a common fear in life, one that we resist over and over again. We can spend our entire career waiting for something else to change.  We can spend years in our relationship wanting the other person to change. Can you relate to that?

Life is actually pretty simple.  Now I didn’t say easy, I said simple.  It comes down to this.  If it’s working, keep doing it.  If it’s not working, change and do something different.  Think about it.  How great is that?  How simple is that?

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to change what’s not working. True.  But having faith that it will all work out perfectly, and taking that leap is what great leadership is all about.

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