Leadership Strategy: You are Meant for Success


For many of you this will not only be hard to read but also hard to hear but the reality is that you are meant to have an amazing life. And if you are in business, you are meant to have an amazing business. All of the things that you have ever thought you would like to be, do and have, you are meant to be, do and have.motivational leadership

You are meant to have excitement and fun. You are meant to have joyful and wonderful relationships, to be happy, and to wake each day filled with enthusiasm and looking forward to a great day. If you want to travel, you are meant to travel. If you want to be a musician, start a business, be a scientist, be a philanthropist, experience great teamwork in your environment, be a great leader, create wonderful and useful products or provide great services for others, you are meant to experience all of those things.

You were not meant to suffer and struggle. What would be the point of that? Why would life be set up for you to be miserable, experience frustration, be disappointed, feel isolated and discouraged. That would make no sense. Just look around you. All around you are people who are producing amazing results and having exactly the kind of life I’m talking about here. Do you really think it’s not meant for you?

Yes, we were also meant to have challenges, and that’s not a bad thing. But we were meant to learn and grow from our challenges and become more of the people we were meant to be. Confronting and learning from our challenges is just another part of being human.

So why isn’t it the way I’m discussing for everyone, and you? First, because for the vast majority of people, no one ever told us what I’m saying here, that we are meant to have an amazing life. All too often, we are told just the opposite. Second, and here’s the most important factor, no one ever told us that the power to have everything is within each of us. And whether you understand or believe that or not, it is the truth. As I will discuss more fully in future issues, you have the power to create anything, and what you have right now is exactly what you are creating.

You can look at this either as a blessing or a curse but the reality is that each of us has been given the power to choose. That’s what’s called free will. Every day, we are choosing what we are experiencing. But mostly we do this unconsciously and so our lives and our businesses are a hodge-podge of events and experiences. In the next post, we’ll start to unravel the process of how this works so that you can consciously take the steps to have the amazing life you were intended to have.

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