The Key to Effectiveness

If you’re like the vast majority of people, I suspect that when the alarm goes off, you hop out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, hopefully eat a decent breakfast and you’re off to work. Right? Sounds pretty normal. While it may be normal, here’s a better question: is it useful? I suggest not. Why? Because you haven’t appropriately prepared yourself for the challenges of the day and then you wonder why, at the end of the day, you feel so stressed out and exhausted.

Let me suggest another approach, an approach which will indeed prepare you for the circumstances you surely will encounter. This approach is designed to prepare you emotionally to be effective whatever the day might throw at you. Why emotionally? Because how you handle events emotionally makes all the difference in the world in how effective you are and how you feel when the day is over.

Here’s what I do and one approach I recommend: even before I take that shower, get dressed, or do anything else, I take at least 15 minutes getting myself centered and peaceful and I do this by sitting comfortably and slowly reading and absorbing a long list of daily reminders I have created for myself. If you want the complete list, send me an e mail at Here are a few examples:

  • What would my attitude be, how would I be feeling, and what would I be doing if there is nothing to solve and everything is as it should be?
  •  I am forever safe, loved, happy, whole and provided for … and so is everyone else
  • Staying peaceful is my one and only goal today
  • I love my life and I’m grateful for everything in it
  • This will absolutely be my best year so far
  • Future years will get better and better
  • Everything I’ve ever wanted has already been given
  • All in need to do is claim my inheritance
  • I will focus on my feelings today and let the future take care of itself.

Don’t you feel better, more peaceful and relaxed just reading those things? I’ll bet you do and that’s exactly why I do it. By the way, my list is a lot longer, it contains all the things I want to remind myself of, and it tends to change regularly as I get more comfortable incorporating different thoughts into my consciousness. So make your own list and use your life and how you react to the events and circumstances as feedback.

Here’s another idea. Take your list with you and refer to it regularly. Treat each of the tasks you undertake as a unit of work having a beginning, a middle and an end. At the end of each work unit, acknowledge yourself for what you accomplished and read your list. This will center and ground you and prepare you to be as effective as possible in your next unit of work. Otherwise, you’ll just race through your day, hardly noticing how the events of the day drain you emotionally and physically, and you’ll wonder why you end up going home stressed out and exhausted.



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