Unshackled Leadership: Building Businesses on Faith, Trust, Possibility & Abundance

Welcome to the home of Unshackled Leadership. I’m Scott Hunter with another lesson on how to have fabulous relationships, create extraordinary organizations and be outrageously successful.

Many people ask me how I decide what to write about. The answer is quite simple. I look to see either what’s going on with me and what I personally am learning or what’s going on with one or more clients that they are or need to be learning. This week, I found the same issue in both places.

We human beings, in general and business people specifically, almost always look for the solution to the problems and challenges we face in a place where the answer cannot be found. Think about what a dilemma that presents, which is why so many find themselves faced with what appear to be insolvable problems. Consider the following scenario:

Things are not going as well as you would like in your business. Your sales, your profits, your backlog of work or something similar is not what it needs to be. What do you do? It seems totally logical to look to see what you need to do to get your sales up, or your profitability better, or to find more work, etc. The reason we approach our problems and challenges in this manner is that we mostly still believe that our results are a function of what we do.

But as I say in almost every presentation, that thought is a complete myth and results from a misunderstanding of the fundamental law of cause and effect. In very simple terms, we think this law can be represented as: do – have – be. In other words, if I can figure out what to do, I can have the results I want, and then I’ll be successful and happy. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you want to be able to consistently resolve the challenges you face, you must learn to look at life and business from the proper perspective, which can be represented as: be – do – have. In other words, who you are being when you do whatever you do is what determines what you have. Let me explain this another way.

What you are seeing in front of you is always the result of your past thoughts. In other words, it’s like every thought you have, which equates to who you’re being in the moment, shoots an arrow into the future where it will eventually land in front of you. So if all you are ever seeing is the result of your past thoughts, the only way you can change what you will see in the future is to change your thoughts today. That’s the true meaning of cause and effect.

You can now understand why the subtitle of Unshackled Leadership is: building businesses based on faith, trust, possibility and abundance. Those are the thoughts and attitudes which will produce satisfying results. I didn’t subtitle the book building businesses based on struggle, frustration, hard work and disappointment, even though that’s what most leaders seem to choose.

It’s almost remarkable to me that we have come so far in our understanding of technology that almost every day another amazing product comes from Apple or some other creative enterprise. Yet our understanding of how life works still has us operating in the dark ages. It’s really time to upgrade your mental software. If this makes any sense at all, maybe you should get a copy of Unshackled Leadership or call us for a free, one-hour, introductory coaching session. It couldn’t hurt and could help a lot.

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