Leadership Tool – Change the Channel

When watching a TV show and there is something you no longer want to see, what do you do?  Change the channel.  The same with listening to the radio, you may find you want to listen to different music, perhaps something that is more serene or maybe, more peppy.  So, you change the channel.

Next time you find your peacefulness interrupted by negative thoughts, worries, fears or doubts, keep this metaphor in mind.  Imagine yourself changing the channel. 

Listed below is a simple exercise to help you practice and learn how to flip the switch for negative to positive.

Think about a negative experience that happened to you – something frightening, embarrassing, and scary, – something that creates negative feelings.

Then think about something that is emotionally positive – a happy memory, a future event or goal you are excited about – anything that creates positive feelings.

Now, on a blank piece of paper, write down the negative experience.  Flip over the paper and write the positive experience on the other side.  For thirty seconds or so, look at the negative experience/thought and only focus on that. At the end of the thirty seconds, flip over the paper, look at the positive experience/thought and only focus on that.  Continue to practice this with other negative and positive experiences or thoughts. 

This exercise helps you learn how to quickly and intentionally Change the Channel in your mind.  You will see that you can stop these negative, destructive thoughts and replace them with positive. This can be applied to negatives about yourself or about other people and situations.  If you have an employee who frustrates you, change the channel to see them as the most fabulous, amazing employee.  If you are worried about a meeting, switch the channel to see a fun and productive meeting, achieving the best possible outcome.

Once you realize how easy it is to Change the Channel, you will understand what it means to truly be empowered! 


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