Hate Your Job? What to do?

I’ll tell you the answer right off — Remember, It’s an Inside Job!  So, just what does that mean, you may be asking?

Recently, I heard a speaker talking about relationships, why they stink, and what you can do about it.  A key point was that you can’t expect another person to make your life wonderful.  It’s an Inside Job.  You generate good things from within yourself.  Another person doesn’t do it for you.  This is also true with a job.  If you hate your job, take a look at what’s going on inside of you. It’s an Inside Job!

Do you like yourself?  Do you focus on positive thoughts about yourself, your co-workers, your boss, your job responsibilities, your work environment, etc?


Do you have negative thoughts about yourself – not good enough, not smart enough, not enough experience? Do you have complaints about your work load, work hours, benefits, salary or your commute? Do you generate or listen to gossip about others? Do you blame others when things go wrong? Do you criticize others? Do you exaggerate to make yourself look better? Do you justify when you don’t keep a commitment? Do you call in sick when you’re not? Do you think, “if only……….then I’ll be happy at work”? 

Are you taking responsibility for what you might need to work on in yourself rather than fixing what’s wrong with your job and the people or things that go with it? If not, get going on it!  It’s an Inside Job!  Yes, there may be people or situations at your current job that aren’t working and a change may be necessary.  Just, remember, when you change jobs, you take yourself with you.  If you’re seeing yourself as a victim and exhibiting any of the above “negative” or limiting beliefs or behaviors, give yourself a new job – an Inside Job.  Release these negative thoughts and behaviors and start focusing on positive, joyful, empowering, and peaceful thoughts about yourself, others and your job.  It’s an Inside Job!  You’ll be surprised how things on the “outside” begin to look differently!

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