Leadership Dilemma – Feeling Stuck?

What’s Holding You Back?

Yesterday, I heard someone say something very profound – “We are the ‘lid’ on what’s possible for others.”  

This was in the context of inviting someone to do something, presenting an opportunity to them.  People often hold back from asking others to do things because they have thoughts, stories or judgments about someone else – what they might want to do, what they “should” do, what they won’t do etc. This influences what we invite them to do, what possibilities we present to them, what opportunities we don’t even give them a chance to say yes or no to. 
So, my questions for you is:
What’s holding you back?  
Where are you stuck? 
Are you putting a “lid” on yourself about what’s possible for you, what opportunities you might want to try?  
What stories, misperceptions, negative thoughts or judgments do you have about yourself that holds you back?
If you ask yourself these questions, you’ll see that many of your answers are fear based.  Fear gets its power from the future.  People are often fearful about outcomes.  Doubt and uncertainty take hold and people get stuck.  They put a “lid” on themselves and their opportunities.  This can become a dilemma for leaders.
Getting Unstuck
• Get into action in the present moment (remember fear is future based, it can’t exist in the present moment).  Take a deep breath and begin. Just do it!
Let go of your attachment to the outcome.  Be open to the possibility of a different or better outcome.  Trust the outcome will be in your best interest.
When doubt or uncertainties hold you back, this negative energy projects in your thoughts, words and actions.  Ask yourself what would a confident, doubt free day look like for you.  Be willing to see things differently.
Visualize you are holding a fist full of helium balloons.  Written on each one is the name of one of your fears, worries or doubts. Now see yourself letting go of the balloons, one by one, thus releasing each of these things that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from being the great leader you are meant to be!  




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