The Blame Game

Have you ever played the Blame Game?   Maybe you have and you don’t even realize it!

Did you miss out on a promotion and blame your co-worker because he kisses up to the boss?  Did you not get that sale you’ve been working on and blame it on xyz?  Did you get laid off and say it’s because you’re too old?  Do you dislike your job because of so and so?

When you blame others for your lack of happiness or success, you give up your ability to heal what’s wrong and to create the changes you want.  Blame prevents you from taking responsibility for your life and leaves you powerless.  When you hold someone else responsible for how you feel or what happens to you, you give up your power to change your life and create the success you desire.  You’re putting someone or something else in charge of your life.  Think about it.  Realize you are playing the game. Take your power back!  Stop playing the Blame Game!

To shift this blame mentality or “change games,” imagine that you’ve achieved the success you want.  You’re confident that you have all the resources and abilities you need to get what you want. You trust that you’re in the process of getting what you desire.  Remember, what you think and believe is what you get. With this positive attitude for success, there’s no reason to play the Blame Game.

It’s important to use forgiveness to let go of holding others responsible for what goes on in your life.  Forgiveness enables you to regain your power to take charge of your life and get what you need and want. Try it, it works.

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