Set the Goal of Peace

In last week’s post, I asked if you ever notice how much you’re into “doing,” resulting in an enormous amount of stress? I asserted that the vast majority of people live their workday facing what often seems like an unending list of things that just have to get done, by them, today, with lots of pressure to accomplish it all. No wonder we go home at the end of the day emotionally and physically exhausted, just to face the corresponding list of things that have to get done in our personal lives.

I further pointed out that all of this activity assumes two things: first, that it’s critical to get done what’s on your to-do list and second, that it’s critical that you get it done.

I offered what might sound like an impractical, unrealistic or naïve solution, learning to trust. Since I didn’t get my usual avalanche of people wanting to argue with me, let’s take it a step further.

How about setting a new goal? How about setting the goal of peace!

Stop and think about it. All the frantic doing is driven by one thing and one thing only, fear. Fear that for some unknown reason, something terrible will happen if we don’t get done what we think we need to get done. We don’t really analyze what the fear is and actually that’s a good thing because we’ll never really get to the bottom of the fear. Most fears are irrational. They make no sense. They’re just the work of the ego and it‘s the ego that loves to drive us a bit nutty by creating fear with no really rational basis.

So the fundamental problem is that whenever you’re driven by fear, you cannot possibly see things clearly, you cannot make really good decisions, and it’s unlikely things will turn out well. As I said, you just end up emotionally and physically exhausted and the ego could care less. Then, you go home wondering if it all made any sense and often it seems like it didn’t, just to start again the next day.

What happens when you set the goal of peace? Well, if you can actually do that, and learning to trust, as I previously discussed, will allow you to do that, you can then tap into your higher consciousness. When you’re able to do that, and are able to relax, you start to see things clearly, including what needs to get done and by whom, you’re able to make good decisions and things likely will turn out well. So in the end, you actually get done what needs to get done anyway, and it gets done with you being peaceful instead of stressed out. Such a deal! Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

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