Qualities of Effective Leaders

Leadership is an extremely valuable skill.  Some people seem to be born with the ability to inspiringly lead others, while others have to really work at it.  Being able to effectively lead others can create an amazing work environment where you’re getting the support you need to create the results you desire, and others know they can count on you to be there for them as well.

Some people make the mistake of assuming that only those in a position of leadership, directly managing others, are the only ones who really make a difference.  Not true.  Whether you are in a position of leadership or not, everyone has something called personal leadership.  This is how you conduct yourself on a day in and day out basis.  Your level of personal leadership is a valuable component to your overall success.  And in all the years of working with leaders, there are several qualities that the successful ones have in common.  If you’re willing to build on the ones you already possess, and strengthen the ones you may be weaker in, you’ll find people will be drawn to you and inspired to be on your team, or simply be motivated by being in your presence.

Great leaders have direction.  They are driven, focused and not easily distracted.  They are proactive and search every avenue to find answers to problems.  They don’t get tripped up by small issues, but choose to stay focused on the big picture.

Great leaders inspire and motivate others.  They understand that different people learn in different ways and are very aware of what motivates and inspires the different people on their teams.  They are encouraging and challenging and most especially have the people they work with feel they have their best interests in mind.

Great leaders are good communicators.  They’re not afraid to say the difficult things and they’re generous with acknowledgment.  They let people know what they need and are very effective at holding people accountable.

Great leaders are positive.  They see the possibilities in ideas vs. the flaws.  They see mistakes as opportunities to learn instead of failure.

Great leaders are solutions-driven.  They’re not stopped by a problem but rather seek out solutions.  They also inspire those around them to do the same.  They encourage the people around them to find their answers vs. fixing it for them.  

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