Why Peace?

In last week’s post, I suggested that you set the goal of peace. I’m wondering if you tried it and how it worked out? Let me know.

Setting the goal of peace provides two dramatic benefits:

1. You experience peace now; and

2. You experience peace, and peaceful events and circumstances, in the future.

How great is that?

How does this work? Well, you have to understand that what you’re seeing in front of you is always the result of your past thoughts and feelings. In other words, because of the law of cause and effect, which says that in your life, you are cause and what you experience in front of you is the effect, you’re always producing what you experience. And what you produce with are your thoughts and feelings.

In other words, you have a thought, it creates feelings and emotions, and those thoughts, feelings and emotions are the cause of the effects you experience. So, whatever you are thinking about and having feelings about today, will surely show up in your life some time in the future, which is why choosing peace is such a powerful choice. The more consistently you choose peace, the more you will cause peaceful events and circumstances to manifest in your future.

Now you also have to understand that this process works exactly the same way with regard to any other thoughts and feelings you might choose to create. There is no such thing as a neutral thought. Every thought creates a feeling and you will always experience a corresponding result.

For example, if, rather than choosing peace, you choose worry, concern, frustration, or annoyance, what you will experience now is worry, concern, frustration, or annoyance and what you will see in your future are events and circumstances to bring you more worry, concern, frustration, or annoyance. Why would you want that? Makes no real sense. Yet, unfortunately, that’s what far too many people choose. And then they wonder why life doesn’t seem to be working out for them the way they would like.

Now if you’re saying that you don’t believe it works this way, please remember that once upon a time, people believed the earth was the center of the universe and the sun and the planets rotated around it. At another time, people believed the earth was flat. The point is: just because you believe something, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth, even though you think it is. Besides, you didn’t even decide the things you believe. You were born into a world with an already given set of beliefs and you bought into them without much thought at all.

If your life and your company are working out magnificently, by all means continue to believe whatever you believe. But if that’s not the case, perhaps it’s time to upgrade some of your beliefs. And here’s a great one (because I assure you it’s the truth): what you’re seeing in front of you is always the result of your past thoughts and feelings. So, as I said last week, how about setting the goal of peace?

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