What does Memorial Day mean for you?  The dictionary says it’s a day we honor the dead servicemen of all wars. A memorial serves to help people remember a person or event.

I had a fun thought that those of us who work could also use the day to remember leaders, bosses or other people who helped us through the “battlefield” we sometimes call the workplace.  Is there someone who helped bring “peace” to the chaos at work?  Is there someone who really listened to you or made you feel important and valued?  What about someone who always “had your back” and was there to help with whatever you needed, just at the right time? Let’s expand Memorial Day to include those important “servicemen” in our workplace.

To take this a step further, how about remembering, appreciating or acknowledging those other people in our lives? Let’s expand Memorial Day to also be Acknowledgement Day.   We all like to be acknowledged; yet sometimes forget to acknowledge others. 

The importance of this stands out loud and clear as I remember my dad.  Last October, as a part of a Landmark Education workshop, we were encouraged to speak with people in an authentic way, sharing from our heart any undelivered communications.  Many spoke to family members they had not spoken to in years.  I am lucky.  I have a loving relationship with my parents and speak to them frequently.  I decided to make a call to tell them how much I love them and acknowledge them for being such great parents.  Both parents were happy for this appreciation and acknowledgement. My dad was a man of few words.  I could tell in his voice he was so touched, happy and excited at what I said.  He then took the opportunity to appreciate and acknowledge me!  It was really a great experience.  A week later my dad died unexpectedly and peacefully in his sleep.  Was I ever glad for the Acknowledgement Day I created with my dad!

So, let’s declare this Memorial Day and Acknowledgement Day!  I encourage you to remember AND acknowledge those in your life.  You’ll truly be glad you did!

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