LEADING A TEAM – Some Unique Tools!

Last Sunday I had the great opportunity to host a fund raising event for The Hunger Project.  I actually decided to host this event to fulfill an assignment for my Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership class.  We were to “lead” a community project.  I’ve known about The Hunger Project for a few years and was so impressed with their approach to ending world hunger that I created this event to support my project. Check out their website and see for yourself!  www.thp.org.

By completing this project, the following leadership tools really came to life for me and I hope you can benefit from my experience:

Enrolling others in the possibility of your project

Have conversations with others about your project in a way that moves, touches and inspires them.  As a leader, you needed to get excited about your project and its impact and share that with others.  I mean, really truly, excited – from your heart and core!  What are the possibilities of your project?  Get them excited about it and they will want to support you.  This is true for leaders in business – bringing people along. 

Register people in support of your project

This is inviting people to help you in a way that it is an opportunity for them.  You ask them to be leaders in your project and be accountable for things.  In business, some might call this “delegating”.  Yet, it’s really more about “empowering” people.  This was such a great learning for me because I was one of those people who didn’t want to “bother” other people by asking them to help me.  I learned several key things.   If people don’t want to help you, they can choose to say no and that’s OK.  Most people do like to help.  You need to be clear in what you’re requesting them to do.  Let them run with it and amazing results occur.  You don’t have to do all the work.  In fact, the results are even better with other leaders supporting the project and its goals than if you did it all yourself!  Isn’t this true about projects you lead at work?!. Trust!  Have fun!

The importance of being committed vs. being attached

This distinction helps take away pressure and makes things much more enjoyable.  I was committed to hosting an event to create awareness and financial support to end world hunger but not attached that it had to be done exactly in a certain way.

So leaders, when a project comes up at work, get others excited about the possibilities and empower them to lead with you.  The commitment of you and your team will bring amazing results!  Enjoy

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