Are You Stressed Out?

Is stress an epidemic or is it just that I seem to be encountering stressed out people lately?  Either way, it motivated me to take a look at it.  Maybe I want to be ready if it was heading my way!  Stress often leads to a bad mood and who wants that!   As a coach, I just happen to have a “Stress” folder with lots of interesting articles.  Here are some tips that seem helpful.Evil Erin – CCFlicker

Step 1

Be a detective.  Investigate yourself.  Ask:

  • What’s really bugging me?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Am I avoiding something?  What?
  • Is there more than one thing going on?  If so, try to address them one at a time!

Step 2

Calm down or “chill out” (as others may be telling you!)  Try this:

• Deep Breaths – Take 3-10 to help restore the balance in your nervous system.

• Find a Quiet Place – this help stop things that are stimulating the brain. 
• Distract yourself – Change your environment, activities, body position, exercise, etc.
• Let it go – let someone know you just need a good listener (no fixing), vent and let go.  Or, try journaling – get it out of your head.


Step 3

Put some strategies in place that can prevent or minimize the stress triggers.

Make a choice to be calm and peaceful.

Lists are helpful in listing your concerns and possibilities for solutions & actions.

Visualize your happy picture, what you want the situation to be like. 

If it’s too big for you to handle on your own, talk to a professional therapist or coach to create strategies for dealing with stress.


Stressed out?  Next time you feel the muscles tighten in your neck, stomach, or chest, try some of these tips and let me know how it worked for you.


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