An Effective Leadership Strategy: Back to Basics

How’s the year going for your company? And for you personally? Are you having a great year, producing great results, generating lots of business, being profitable? If yes, congratulations. At some level, you understand how life and business works, so keep it up.

If no, then the opposite is true. At some basic level, you do not understand how life and business works and that’s why you’re not producing the results you want to produce. That’s not bad or wrong, it’s just the way it is. But here’s the mistake far too many make: you believe that you can think your way out of the situation you created for yourself. That’s insanity. Your best thinking got you here. That same thinking is designed to keep you exactly where you are. If you don’t change your thinking, nothing will change. Do yourself a favor and take us up on our free hour of coaching and let’s see if we can produce a breakthrough in your results.

In the meantime, here are some of the basics to consider:

1. When you were born, like everyone else on this planet, you arrived whole, complete, perfect and capable of producing anything and everything your heart desires. Again, like many of the things I write here, you either have to take what I say as the truth or not and that’s up to you. So, you have the power to create, anything. Unfortunately, you also have the power to miscreate.

2. You create with your thoughts. I have mentioned this many times in the past. Stated simply, your thoughts create your experiences 100% of the time. Unfortunately, we live in a fear-based, scarcity-based world. That’s the world of the ego. I have also mentioned that many times in the past. Fear and scarcity thoughts create fear and scarcity experiences. Faith, trust and abundant thoughts create faith, trust and abundance experiences. That’s the reason why the subtitle of Unshackled Leadership is: Building Businesses Based on Faith, Trust, Possibility and Abundance. Got it?

3. If you understand basics 1 and 2, basic 3 is inevitable: all you ever see in front of you is the result of your past thoughts. So, if you see lack in front of you, it’s only because you have entertained the thought in the past that you could be lacking anything. And then, the sight of lack in front of you just reinforces the past thought of lack and you find yourself in a swirl that you cannot escape from.

Again, here’s the worst part of all. You do not understand that you and only you are the cause of what you’re experiencing and you spend an enormous amount of time and energy trying to fix the problem with the same thinking that caused the problem. You develop plan after plan to go into the world to generate more business, more opportunities, more profits or more results, not recognizing that the solution to the lack you’re experiencing can be found by simply looking in the mirror and analyzing who you’ve been and how you’ve been thinking.

It’s frankly discouraging to see how many people struggle and yet are determined to figure it out by themselves. Reaching out for help is viewed as a sign of weakness rather than as a sign of intelligence. I guarantee you, every athlete going to the Olympics this summer is taking his or her coach with them and that’s not because they’re incompetent. It’s because they want to win! If you’re tired of not winning and want to discover how easy it is to win, give us a call. 

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