If you had a notch in your belt for every time you made a big change or transition in your life, how many would you have?  Would your belt be long enough for all the notches?  The longer we live, the more changes we make.  With the “crazy” economy, at least that’s what it’s frequently called, many people have had to make transitions they weren’t happy about at all.  We’re usually more excited and willing about the transitions we initiate or desire.  However, being the creatures of habit that we are, any kind of a change can be unsettling, especially at first.

As a leader, how you handle change can impact you and your team.   This is true at work or at home. Recently, I heard a talk about transition and it really hit home.  I’m going through what I’ll call a “desired” transition, something I chose to do.  Yet, I found myself a little stuck about letting go of my comfortable “past” and moving forward with what I’ll call “grace and gusto”.  Have you ever felt that way, especially when you didn’t initiate the change?  People often dig in their heels and want to keep what’s no longer theirs.  This could be an “old” job, a  relationship, a home, or even just a lifestyle.  When you hang on to what was, you’re no longer fully in the present moment and this shows up in your life big time.  You’re not into action and moving forward with your new life.  Basically, you’re stuck and this doesn’t feel good to you or those around you. 

Is there anything in your life you’re holding on to? Are you stuck?  Not moving forward?  Decide now to take hold of that and transition with grace and gusto!  Get excited and enthusiastic!  What’s possible in this new situation?  What milestones can you set?  What actions can you take to move you and your team forward?  What gets you excited about this “new” situation?  How can you get others excited?

I’m sharing this with you because I didn’t realize I was stuck until I heard someone talk about it.  I was doing a few token activities, but in reality, I was dragging things out.  I had plenty of “reasons” or stories.  But when I heard someone else describe the situation and the emotions, I realized what I was going through and chose to give myself a kick in the butt and transition with grace and gusto!  Go for it! 

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